Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hall Of Fame Cases

Why Carlos Andujar should be a Hall Of Famer.Carlos Andujar is the HBD equivalent of Albert Pujols, the numbers speak for themselves, 11 consecutive seasons with 100+ RBIs/Runs. The only player with
500 HR/2B's. All time hits leader for the moment and top 5 in many other hitting categories.

Player Card: Carlos Andujar
10 time All Star
2 Silver Slugger (1B)
2 Gold Gloves (1B)
Rookie of the Year
3 World Series Rings
7 consecutive seasons with 40+ HR
11 consecutive seasons with 100+ RBI and 100+ runs
Only player with 500+ HR/500+ doubles

All Time Rankings:
Hits - 2,816 1st
Runs - 1,683 4th
RBI - 1,827 3rd

Why Garrett Hutton should be a Hall Of Famer.
Garrett Hutton at his peak was the most feared hitter for the mini Durham Dynasty in seasons 6-8. If not for his short career with only 5,952 AB's
he would probably have been a top 5 player in this league all time. He was able to amass 2K hits, 1,317 RBI's, 1,212 Runs, 390 HR and 391 doubles in
just 12 seasons, 2 of those which were cut short due to injury all while batting .346

Player Card: Garrett Hutton

5 time All Star
3 Time Silver Slugger
3 World Series Rings
1 Gold Glove
32 game hit streak

All Time Rankings
Avg: .346 1st with players above 3K AB's
OBP: 408 OBP
OPS: 5th @ 1.037
RC per 27 outs: 4th @ 9.97

Please give these players serious consideration

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Up close with N.O. owner wetherjenius

I recently got a chance to sit down with longtime Puckett member wetherjenius who's in his 11th year after taking over in the 4th season. He's compiled a 833
record during that time and has reached the post-season twice.

1.) With a name like wetherjenius, are you a meteorologist?
No, I'm not a meteorologist. I'm a college student, but I'm been a meteorology nerd since I was about 5. I'm majoring in Political Science though, so its never gone past a hobby, really.

2.) Hockey being your favorite sport, who's your team? Who's taking the Stanley Cup home this year?
I'm a Ranger fan, diehard. The Red Wings are so damn smooth. I think they are going to win again.

3.) You've had some success at the FC Dynasty game, how is the FC Dynasty game?
It was fun for a while. Now I'm just bored of it. Heck, I haven't checked that thing in about 2 months. Is my team still winning?

4.) How has the move to N.O. affected your club?
I don't think it has affected it positively, really. I'm an owner who prefers pitchers parks, so it's an adjustment. But, it has boosted Cardona as a player like crazy.

5.) Whats your best sports moment? Best in-person sports moment?
Oh jeez... I'm a Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers fan, so I really haven't had much to cheer about in my lifetime. But Beating the Patriots this year was pretty damn awesome. In person, its gotta be attending a Rangers playoff game. Nothing like a Rangers playoff game.

6.) Who will meet in the world series this year and who will take it all?
Oh I don't know. Braves and Rangers. Rangers in 6. I want this so that teams starts allowing their starters to throw more innings.

7.) If you could have one real life player in MLB transferred to your new team, who would that be and why?

Joe Mauer, hands down. If he was in HBD, he'd be like 100 contact, 100 vs. L, 100 vs. R, and 90 pitch calling. I'm down for that any day. Hes essentially that Willams guy I traded for from ACE a few seasons back, and who Dami has now. He was by far my favorite HBD player I've ever had.

8.) If you could sit at a poker table or play a round of golf with 3 other people who would they be and why?
Jim Cantore, because hes the coolest weatherman of all time, Hayden Pantierre because shes so damn cute, and Mikhail Akerfeldt, because I love Opeth. The man is a musical genius.

9.) What do you do in your spare time when you're not running your HBD teams?

I'm a college student, in my 3rd year. I'm on the dating scene, going out with someone now. Shes cute, not gonna lie. I'm also a full time Jew, so I keep kosher food and all that jazz.

10.) If there was one thing you could add/change about HBD, what would that be?
In-game position changes. It frustrates me that its taken them this long to implement them.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Season 9 First Round Amateur Draft Analysis

There didn't seem to many studs in year 9 for Puckett but here is the analysis on the first round. Emjoy!

1.) Wilkin Martin 3B LOU Grade: B+ Rating: 8.3
Good bat and makeup but pretty low durability. Can probably get about 500-520 AB's a year. Not good enough to play short but will be a good defensively at third base.

2 .) Apolo Crosby 2B SAL Grade: A- Rating: 8.8
5-tool player with great eye and speed. Probably has a lot of 30-30 seasons ahead of him as well as a few All-Star appearances. His one flaw is the low dur which will limit him to play only about 70% of the innings.

3.) Terry High RF SEA Grade: A Rating: 8.7
"High" indeed as Terry threatened to holdout unless Seattle ponied up 5 mil. Powerful switch-hitter who can hit both lefties and righties with great eye and decent speed. He'll be pretty much limited to COF but should make good use of his cannon in RF. Great durability and health.

4.) Dwight McGrady 2B JAK Grade: A- Rating: 8.6
Hasn't signed but if he does, Jackson will get a decent fielding 2B that projects to a 35-100-100 guy to go along with 30 steals. Good durability and health. Future All Star, nuff said.

5.) Benji Espinosa DH FLA Grade: C- Rating: 7.5
Benji's dreams of playing C will probably not pan out they way he thought they would as his PC will not get about 50 but he will make a good DH in the AL and hey he can switch-hit.

6 .) Spike Evans 3B SAL Grade: C- Rating: 7
Spike's overall is ridiculously inflated by his ultra-high dur. He doesn't do anything extremely good other than running so he will have a pretty average career. Should be happy to hit .270 and and also be happy if coach lets him play the hot corner.

7 .) Chris McKnight SP MON Grade: B+ Rating: 8.5
Our first P taken, Chris doesn't blow you right away with his ratings but he is well-rounded, durable and doesn't have any real flaws. Great velocity and will keep the ball in the ballpark with a good sinker. Will have a solid career and can probably expect a WHIP in the 1.3-1.4 range.

8.) Josh Gray SP VAN Grade: A- Rating: 8.6
Uber-control and great velocity, groundball and selection of pitches. Great makeup and young age should enable him to reach most of his ratings. Prediciton: 150 career wins.

9.) Johnnie Gilbert RF BUR Grade: B- Rating: 7.7 His great eye should curb some of his strikeouts he'll have due to his low contact but you can expect 30 HR and a solid .280+ avg year in year out from him. All while tracking down every flyball in RF and never getting himself thrown out on the base paths.

10.) Collin Castellanos SS DET Grade: D+ Rating: 7
Collin will work his magic with the glove but there'll be none of that at the plate. Although he has optimal contact and eye he will be limited by his effectiveness vs righties and power. He'll have an obp 100 points greater than his batting average. You can count on 162 games at SS though so DET will have an extra roster spot by not needing a backup.

11.) Jefferey Watson 2B LR Grade: D Rating: 7
Another case of a player not blowing you away with his ratings but he can play at the ML level. Will get on base more than the average bear but he doesn't really have a set-place in the field. 2B might be a stretch with that glove.

12.) Maverick Roosevelt RF RIC Grade: C Rating: 7
See Johnnie Gilbert pick 9 without the range and a few less homers.

13.) Alvin Sanders 2B MIN Grade: B- Rating: 7.5
Slick fielding second baseman who has a pretty good bat. Potential allstar. Get used to 35 HR and to get on base at a .370 clip. Question is how good of a career can a guy have when his health rating is hovering around the freezing point?

14.) Hasn't signed and cant see

15 .) Ernie Dubler LF TUC Grade: B+ Rating: 8.3
Time will tell if Ernie "Doubler" can play LF, if not then his value will drop a little but he will still have a solid career. Will probably have a career .320+ average, .400+ obp which is HOF'esque but will max out at about 20 HR a year. Great all around hitter who can spray the ball around and get on base a lot and rake vs righties.

16.) Carlton Whiteside C D.C. Grade: B- Rating: 7.5
Good all around hitter who can go to the opposite field with some power. Is not a defensive guru but is capable of being the everyday C with his durability.

17.) Allen Kinney SP SYR Grade: B+ Rating: 7.9
Solid future No. 3. Can throw the heat but is prone to give up the long ball. Decent control an splits to go along with 5 pitches should enable him to have a long career. Good change-up, curve and slider but dur is on the low side.

18.) Dan Baker SP N.O. Grade: B Rating: 7.7
Very durable P with a good mix of pitches and perfect control. With his Zito-like velocity he won't get many K's.

19 .) Rudy Fassero SP T.B. Grade: C+ Rating: 7
Psuedo-SP with that low stamina but which a dur proj over 30 he could very well be a 90-100 pitch guy and get you about 170 innings a year. Semi-low control and pitch quality will hurt but the above avg splits will curb the OAV. Can hit 3 figures on the radar gun and reach most of his proj with his great makeup. Low health hurts though.

20.) Pablo Liriano SP WIC Grade: A Rating: 8.5
Well rounded SP project 150 wins off the bat. Very durable guy who can get both L and R handed hitters out. Pairs a wicked slider with a nasty forkball. Low proj overall rating will make this guy a great value in the payroll dept. Someone of a risk to getting injured but still a keeper.

21.) Phil Barkley 2B HEL Grade: B Rating: 7.6
Prototypical second basemen with a good bat. Looks like a 25-100 guy who can get you 20 steals too. He will be good when he is healthy.

22.) Kevin Derosa SP CHA Grade: B- Rating: 7.3
Looks like a No. 4 SP at best. He can throw some heat and keep the ball on the ground and in the ballpark with a great sinker and good cutter. With average splits and low control he might get touched a little due to his shortage in pitches.

23.) Aramis Esposito SP WIC Grade B+ Rating: 7.9
Talk about a roller coaster of ratings when it comes to Aramis. He blows you with his awsome splits and good pitches. Looks good until you see his health, control, groundball ration and durability. The former is the important thing and the latter can be worked on with him playing at un-homer friendly Wichita.

24.) Shaggy Christopher LR TOL Grade: D Rating: 6
More of a long-relief type than starter. Has great control and 5 pitches witch will ensure him a place at the ML level. Will be good versus lefties but righties might get the better of him.

25 .) John Monroe SS NY Grade: C- Rating: 7
Will be great defensively and pretty average at the plate. His great eye will help him get on base and the team will save a roster spot at the ML level with not needing a backup SS. High overall rating will probably command a higher salary which in this case is not really worth paying in the future.

26.) Auerlio Encarnacion SP SLC Grade: D Rating: 7
Great control and good vs righties but that’s about it for Aurelio. He does have 5 pitches but none of them standout. Not sure if he can have a long career as an effective starter. Jury will be out until then.

27.) Elston Sweeney RF CHA Grade: F Rating: 6
Red herring of the draft up until i saw th next pick. He can play the infield so at best he can be a COF. If his batting skills were converted to ice cream flavor, it'd be vanilla. With him not having anything special at the plate or in the field, I doubt this guy can contribute regularly at the ML level.

28.) Sam Morton SS TAC Grade: F Rating: 5
Red herring of the draft. Will be great defensively but his bat is not good enough to have in the lineup everyday so he will be delegated to backup the SS who can hit. Atleast he's patient at the plate.

29.) Greg Jackson C STL Grade: A+ Rating: 8.4
Great hitting catcher who is not a liability calling the game. Future AllStar who will get on base at close to a .450 rate. Semi low durability but with a bat like that, this guy is a keeper. Steal of the draft.

30.) Charlie Pavlik SS SJ Grade: D- Rating: 6.5
Will be a defensive wizard but will have trouble staying off the DL. Below average bat so he will be a liability in the everyday lineup. Bacup material.

Cant See and hasn't signed

32.) Calvin Yang SP DUR Grade: B- Rating: 7.7
Low control will eat away at his pitches and is good vs L and decent vs R. 5 pitches with 4 of them being above average will help out. Risk of being injured and low durability but hey at 32 you can't ask much. Good value with low overall.

33.) Clinton Fischer CP COL Grade: B- Rating: 7.6
The first relief pitcher taken in the draft. Great control and good combo of stam and dur will enable Clinton to be be used as a steup man instead of just a closer. Everyday SU-A type than will give you 120+ quality innings out of the pen.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up Close with Colorado GM Thorku

Its been a long time coming but we finally caught up with 4 time Puckett champ GM thorku.

1.) How did you discover HBD?
**I follow a Twins blog written by Aaron Gleeman. A few years back, he advertised a league he was starting.

2.) If you could have one player to your team in Puckett what player would that be?
***Alan Thompson, San Juan’s first baseman. In this league, with my park, I have become a sucker for big-time power hitters. Always wanted to see Thompson in Coors, surrounded by some of the other elite batters I have been able to acquire. I have been in negotiations for Thompson in the past but the asking price has been too high.

3.) You've pretty much owned the AL since the start. With that said which team would you least like to face in the playoffs?
***Jacksonville knocked me out of the playoffs a few years ago. I don’t like seeing them. I usually have good success against Tacoma, but that team, fundamentally, is a bad matchup for me with the pitching talent and the ballpark.
I don’t often have to worry about them, being in the other league, but Durham and San Juan are monsters. Every year in the playoffs I hope they are knocked out prior to the World Series.

4.) KU grad? Meet any NBA players that attended KU? You guys stole Bill Self from us!
***I am a journalism school grad of 2008. Two years ago I was in a “Coaching Basketball” class with some prominent members of the championship team, including Darrell Arthur, Sherron Collins and Russell Robinson. I was also a columnist for the school paper and interviewed Collins in that capacity.

5.) Who's your favorite all-time Twin?
***I actually can’t pinpoint that. I love several guys, all of whom are highly predictable: Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, etc. I couldn’t pick my favorite.

6.) Will Joe Mauer win the batting title?
***Not this year.

7.) Whats your best sports moment? Best in-person sports moment?
***I wasn’t much of an athlete. I played high school football, but was a 6’1’’, 190 pound offensive guard. I sucked at baseball and basketball.
***I was at the Final Four in San Antonio in 2008 when the Jayhawks won the title. Gives me goose bumps every time I think about it. We partied on the River Walk until they kicked us out around 4 AM.

8.) If you could sit at a poker table with 3 other people who would they be?
***Phil Hellmuth, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. I think Hellmuth is ridiculously entertaining – especially when needled – so I’d be OK with donking money off to him. Jordan and Barkley would be entertaining as well but appear irresponsible enough with their money that perhaps I could end my night with more money than I came with.

9.) What do you do in your spare time when you're not running your HBD teams?
***I am starting grad school -- in the non-fiction writing program – at the University of Iowa later this month. I moved to Iowa City last weekend. So I will be going to school and teaching Rhetoric to freshmen.
I also write for I have a weekly column, do news updates and do some stuff with their premium content.

10.) If you can add/change one thing about HBD, what would it be and why?
***Lots of stuff. One big thing for me is that I would like players out of options who are in the minor leagues placed on the waiver wire at the end of every Spring Training. I hate how this oversight allows some teams to hoard talent at the top levels of their minor leagues.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

State of Puckett & Franchise Records

Well we're 7 seasons into Puckett and this is how we breakdown. There are 8 original owners(4 in each league). Two have been here 7 seasons, 4 with 6, 3 with 5, 3 with 4 and 5 with 3. Only 19 of the 32 teams have won a Division title. Seven teams have not tasted the post-season. That includes New York, L.R., Burlington, T.B., Detroit, Albuquerque and Houston. Only 3 have WS titles with Colorado claiming 4 of those along with 6 of 7 ALCS. Durham has 3 straight NLCS and 2 WS. Colorado and Hartord(now Pawtucket) are the only teams not to ever miss the playoffs. Charlotte and Durham have 6 trips along with 6 Division titles.
Through Season 7
PL = Average Place
PS = Post-Season
O = Unique Owners
PVS = Previous Year

1.Colorado Chupacabras854280.75316627.710776411
2.Durham Tobacco Leafs703431.6201.144025.615663213
3.Pawtucket Patriots699435.6161.291925.432570
4.San Juan La Ciudad...
5.Charlotte Flight665469.5861.431925.432770

6.El Paso Cheladas640494.5642415.211150
7.Louisville Long Sox637497.5622617.261250
8.N.O. Bayou617517.5441.711213.480340
9.Montreal Armored Saints
10.Tacoma Sleestaks607527.5351.711218.400350
11.Richmond Spiders603531.532316.143020
12.Jacksonville Coasters589545.5192.431416.467231
13.Salt Lake City Buzz585549.5161.86415.211350
14.Minnesota 34's569565.5022.57911.450220
15.Tucson Tumbleweeds565569.502257.417020
16.STL Champ. Vinyl564570.4972.6757.417020
17.Toledo Mud Hens545589.4812.2947.364220
18.Kansas City Crushers542592.4782.141511.5773311417
19.Burlington Americans520614.4593.71

20.Salem Menthols518616.45931411.560121
21.Little Rock Pigstickers513621.4523

22.Columbus Crew510624.4502.1434.429-11

23.Tampa Bay Peninsula510624.4503

24.D.C. Tyrants506628.4462.7144.500-

25.Detroit Lugnuts492642.4342.86

26.Norfolk Nigthingales490644.4322.4313.250-11

27.Syracuse Syllogists484650.4273.034.42911

28.Albuquerque Aztecs484650.4273

29.Helena Hitmen474660.4183.5723.40001

30.Florida Jackets474660.418334.42911

31.New York Cyclones467667.4123.43

32.Houston Hot Shots441693.3893.86


Monday, June 22, 2009

All Time Individual Records

*Through Season 7
1.Evan NicholasCOL.368
2.Jorge GarzaCOL.360
3.Garrett HuttonDUR.352
4.Sean StowersHAR.345
5.Jimmie ShermanCOL.344
SeasonJorge GarzaCOL(s4).402
1.Jorge GarzaCOL1.156
2.Jimmie ShermanCOL1.139
3.Fausto CuetoHAR/COL1.137
4.Jared MunozCOL1.107
5.Evan NicholasCOL1.099
SeasonJorge GarzaCOL(s4)1.316
1.Evan NicholasCOL.443
2.Richard ShinjoSLC.431
3.Jorge GarzaCOL.428
4.Bubba AnatonelliSLC.425
5.Jimmie ShermanCOL.424
SeasonRichard ShinjoSLC(s3).471
1.Jimmy ShermanCOL459
2.Fausto CuetoCOL404
3.Jared MunozCOL378
4.Santiago MorenoDUR372
5.Jerry BlakeHAR367
SeasonJared MunozCOL(s4)76
1.Jimmy ShermanCOL1,127
2.Jerry BlakeHAR1,078
3.Carlos AndujarDUR1,030
4.Fausto CuetoHAR/COL1,005
5.Alan ThompsonLV/SJ970
SeasonJerry BlakeHAR(s4)197
Runs Created
1.Jimmy ShermanCOL1,233
2.Fausto CuetoHAR/COL1,164
3.Stu ByrdakCOL/LOU1,117
4.Jerry BlakeHAR1,105
5.Carlos AndujarDUR1,086
SeasonJorge GarzaCOL(s4)225.04
1.Harry AlfonsecaRIC1,501
2.Jimmie ShermanCOL1,481
3.Jerry BlakeHAR1,431
4.Santiago PerezHOU1,409
5.Carlos AndujarDUR1,381
SeasonHarry AlfonsecaRIC(s3)234
1.Adam CrespoSJ714
2.Enos RiveraSAL430
3.Bruce StanleyEP/SJ370
4.Kevin ShawNFK339
5.Dave StroudNY337
SeasonAdam CrespoSJ(s3,4)125
Hitting Streak
RANKPlayerTEAMHitting Streak
1.Garrett HuttonHOU(s1)32
2.Max MolinaLR(s7)31
3.Vinny RooseveltJACK(s1)30
4.Wiki CastilloTB(s4)29
5.Alex RodriguezTEX(s6)29
1.Jimmie ShermanCOL216
2.Jerry BlakeHAR201
3.Pete MortonMIN189
4.Domingo OrtizMIN181
5.Ivan GuerreroMON181
SeasonJimme ShermanCOL(s2)41
SeasonBubba AnatonelliSLC(s2)41
1.Bubba AnatonelliSLC656
2.Richard ShinjoSLC646
3.Alan ThompsonLV/SJ621
4.Jery BlakeHAR621
5.Samuel LukeCHA616
SeasonAlan ThompsonSAL(s3)121
1.Samuel LukeCHA305
2.Carlos AndujarDUR298
3.Nash KirbyMON288
4.Damaso MesaHAR277
5.Harry AlfonsecaRIC275
SeasonLes RamirezJACK(s1)56
K's Worst
1.Khoury KellyTAC974
2.Ebenezer SpiveyRIC897
3.Jose PalmieroTEX865
4.Greg GlynnHAR796
5.Steven LongSTL777
SeasonRolando PinedaTOL(s4)197
1.Johnny PadgettHAR94
2.Rico PenaCOL93
3.Harry MonteroTB89
4.Santiago PerezNFK89
5.Damaso MesaHAR82
SeasonJohnny PadgettHAR(s7)30
1.Luis BocachicaCOL143
2.Dick JodieCOL131
3.Poseidon CooperTAC128
4.John DresdenDUR113
5.Victor ManzanilloCOL110
SeasonDick JodieCOL(s1)30
1.Luis BocachicaCOL2.49
2.Dick JodieCOL2.82
3.Craig DuncanSTL3.27
4.Poseidon CooperTAC3.28
5.Erik FieldEP/DUR3.48
SeasonLuis BocachicaHAR(s2)1.78
1.A.K. KreugerSJ1,273
2.Harry FloresTAC1,206
3.Luis BocachicaCOL1,184
4.Antonio CashmanSJ1,147
5.Craig DuncanSTL1,137
SeasonBob PurcellSAL(s2)235
1.Luis BocachicaCOL1.04
2.Dick JodieCOL1.10
3.Poseidon CooperTAC1.12
4.Craig DuncanSTL1.16
5.Erik FieldEP/DUR1.17
SeasonLuis BocachicaNB(s2).87
1.Diego CamposTEX279
2.Russell HarperTAC257
3.Dewey TuckerCOL241
4.Tsuyoshi DongRIC241
5.Greg FosterD.C.229
SeasonHoward WainhouseELP(s1)49
Winning % (75 Decisions)
1.Dick JodieCOL.910
2.Luis BocachicaCOL.872
3.Victor ManzanilloCOL.797
4.Livan DiazHAR.745
5.F.P. GilmoreCOL.730
SeasonDick JodieCOL(s3)1.000
1.Kevin LeeSC37
2.John DresdenDUR30
3.A.J. KreugerSJ29
4.Al TejeraSLC28
5.Alberto GuevaraHAR28
SeasonKevin LeeNY1(s1)12
1.Luis BocachicaCOL.216
2.Craig DuncanSTL.223
3.Cody O'TooleCHA.231
4.Albert GuevaraHAR.235
5.Dick JodieCOL.235
SeasonLuis BocachicaHAR(s2).189
1.Kevin LeeSC9
2.John DresdenDUR8
3.Al TejeraSLC8
2.Dick JodieCOL7
3.Enrique CastroMON7
SeasonDick JodieCOL(s1)4
Innings Pitched
1.Kevin LeeSC1,607
2.A.J. KreugerSJ1,590
3.Delanor CookSJ1,568
4.Morgan MeyerD.C.1,556
5.John DresdenDUR1,541
SeasonBob PurcellSAL(s2)303
1.Benny SanchezSTL109
2.Kevin LeeSTL103
3.Enrique CastroMON99
4.Felipe VelazquezBUR99
5.Jerry HullHOU91
SeasonFelipe VelazquezBUR(s1)29
1.Poseidon CooperTAC160
2.A.J. KruegerSJ140
3.Craig DuncanSTL138
4.John DresdenDUR134
5.Alexander ShawDUR133
SeasonDick JodieCOL(s1)30
1.Red BlackleyROC/MIN742
2.Santiago PerezHOU611
3.Dallas ButlerVC/SJ589
4.Felipe AguileraJACK576
5.Cristian SuzukiNFK534
SeasonEddie CoveleskiSJO(s3)145
DP by 2B
1.Pete ManningSLC726
2.Greg GlynnFA700
3.Bill BurkeMON582
4.R.J. UrbinaHOU554
5.Chad LearySJ527
SeasonPete ManningSLC(s3)131

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Up Close with El Paso GM jbatt

I recently got a chance to sit down with founder member jbatt from the El Paso Cheladas.

1.) How did you end up getting into HBD? Also, are you into any other fantasy sports?

stumbled in here after a a few seasons of Hoops Dynasty. Fantasy Football is my love however, and this fall will be the 12th season of my local league for which i am the founder and commish.

2.) You've tasted the post-season 75% of the time in your 20 seasons. What do you think has prevented you from advancing deep into the playoffs and when will the Cheladas return to the post-season?

one word. depth. my teams always seem to be lacking in depth and we struggle to keep players rested. the Cheladas
are still on the edge of the wild-card race despite re-tooling and rebuilding. one or two quality free-agents in the off-season, along with the development of some younsters, and we'll be back in the hunt for good next season!

3.) What's the most important part of a team to you? The power bats? Starting rotation? Strong bullpen? Speed & defense?

pitching. only blessed with a few decent starters but a great bullpen is critical to the success of the Cheladas.

4.) Colorado resident? Bronco fan? If so, what do you think about the cutler trade?

just live 10 minutes from Mile High, and yes, Bronco fan indeed. the cutler trade was dynamite and coach kid will look like a genious in a few short seasons. we needed the extra picks and we had a wonderful draft. believe we even still have an extra pick in '10 from the cutler deal too. orton can manage the game for coach kid just fine. cliche, but it will work in the short-term.

5.) What do you do in your spare time when you're not running your HBD teams?

raising a 2yr old son, 9 yr old daughter and a 10yr old daughter while managing a fine wine shop in denver. wifey takes the rest of my time.....

6.) Who's your favorite football player and why?

went to high school, in the mid 80's, near the Pontiac Silverdome...witnessed many, many games watching #20 run with class up and down the turf. Barry Sanders will never be duplicated and such a class-act.

7.) If you could sit at a poker table with 3 other people who would they be?

Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson, Barack Obama and my dad....

wierd answer, huh....but great question!

8.) If you can add/change one thing about HBD, what would it be and why?

would someday love to see the element of creating a franchise, or brand, that would benefit from it's own success. a perenial favorite, like the BoSox or Yanks, benefits from increased attendance, greater merchandise sales, greater concession proceeds and such. the increased revenue benefits those clubs, obviously. perhaps HBD will incorporate the business aspects of the GM duties someday.